It was in Uganda, two and a half years ago, that I realized that I really like crafts. I knew I liked crafts before then, and certainly did it all the time, but I figured that I could go a few months without doing anything crafty. But during the month where I did nothing but […]

That Which Gives Light

I’m not really into tattoos. Mainly because figuring out something poignant enough to put on your body seems like a daunting task. But, a friend of mine had this quote by Victor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, tattooed on her wrist in Armenian. And I can’t imagine regretting a tattoo like that later on, because I […]

Love Grows

A few weeks ago, I went to the Baltimore Book Thing, which is a pretty awesome place. It’s a giant warehouse full of free books. Be still, my heart. I picked up a book with different prayers in it. This is one of my favorites. “Lord, why did you tell me to love all men, […]

An Explanation

To start, naming a blog is hard. At least for me. I’d like it to be meaningful, slightly humorous and incredibly catchy. I’m not sure if No Mo’ FOMO fits those three qualifications, but I doubt that I’ll ever come up with the perfect blog name, so this will do. FOMO is a term that […]