Local Attractions

(I should have written this around 2 months ago, but right now I’m considering it a success since I wrote it before 2014.) In my last few months in Malaysia, I didn’t travel a lot outside of the country. But there were some interesting things to do in my state, so I explored those instead. […]


Two weekends ago, I headed to the Malaysian side of Borneo to enjoy what will probably be my last vacation here. Yep, my grant is finishing up soon and I’m both excited and somewhat paralyzed by that (hooray for mac n’ cheese and coffee and a relatively bug free existence, boo to trying to find […]


Now that I have less than two months left in my Fulbright grant, I’ve been trying to visit more places in Malaysia. Last weekend, I went to Georgetown, an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the state of Penang. The first things I noticed as I stumbled along the streets at 4.30 in the morning after […]

Hari Raya

Ramadan ended a little less than two weeks ago. To mark the end of it, Malaysia celebrated Hari Raya. Hari Raya is basically a holiday where you go visit everyone you know and eat a lot of food. Sounds delightful, right? On the last day of Ramadan, my roommate and I headed over to her […]


One of the perks of being an ETA in Malaysia is getting to visit other countries during our long school breaks. But Malaysia has some pretty sweet spots too, so I’ve been trying to use weekends to visit different cities here. A few weekends ago, I headed to Malacca, an old colonial town by the […]


Today, as you probably know, is David Hasselhoff’s birthday. I found out that fact this morning as I was listening to the radio while driving to school. It reminded me that I wanted to write a post about my transportation situation in Malaysia. The picture above is of the car I’m renting this year. I’ve […]

Teacher’s Day

Last week, Malaysia celebrated Teacher’s Day. And it was a big deal. The best way I can think of describing it is a formal pep rally. Students and teachers get really excited about it, there are games and performances and instead of school shirts, teachers get matching baju kurungs. My favorite parts of Teacher’s Day: […]


This year was the first time I spent my birthday away from my family or close friends. Though birthdays aren’t really a big deal to me, I didn’t know whether I’d feel sad or homesick on the day. So, I decided on a treat yo self trip was in order. Luckily, my birthday lined up […]


Back when I first found out a little about where I’d be living, I wrote this post that mainly consisted of me freaking out about scorpions. I proceeded to look up YouTube videos about how to kill scorpions, interrogate my program advisers about how they went about it, and generally bemoan the fact that, holy […]


I’d like to think that I’m a fairly principled person. But the past few months has made me realize (again) that it’s a lot easier to stick by my convictions when I’m comfortable. A few ways in which I’ll be letting my principles lapse for the next 6 months. + Chemicals: In the U.S., I […]