One of the perks of being an ETA in Malaysia is getting to visit other countries during our long school breaks. But Malaysia has some pretty sweet spots too, so I’ve been trying to use weekends to visit different cities here. A few weekends ago, I headed to Malacca, an old colonial town by the sea.


Walking around the first night, the first thing that stuck out to me were the murals and street art I stumbled upon. I know, I know. I need to stop gushing about street art. But this was a quote from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. How could I have not taken a picture of it?


I had to take a picture of this one because it made me laugh. Lah is a word used by Malaysians to emphasize statements. Ex: The drivers here are crazy, lah.


And one more, because why not?


I didn’t go to Malacca just to stare at murals though. Malacca has a lot of historical buildings and some fascinating museums. We went to the Baba Nyonya museum, where you could tour a Peranakan house. One incredibly bizarre museum we went to was The People’s Museum, which featured an eclectic mix of exhibitions, including ones on kite flying, top spinning and beauty as torture. The captions kept referring to people with tattoos as “modern primitives” and included a scathing paragraph on Guns N’ Roses, which concluded with the statement, “No one knows what his [Axel Rose] definition of terrorism is.”


Malacca was also a wonderfully walkable city. We would just wander from temples to museums to restaurants, and stumble across antique stores and beautiful buildings. Oh man, that sentence made me sound like a grandmother.

Street art, crazy museums and acting like an old lady. I realize that might make some people never want to visit Malacca, but it was an awesome weekend trip for me.


One thought on “Malacca

  1. There should be a band full of people with tons of tattoos, and their name should be “The Modern Primitives”.

    But yeah…other than that, it’s pretty offensive. haha

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