Back when I first found out a little about where I’d be living, I wrote this post that mainly consisted of me freaking out about scorpions.

I proceeded to look up YouTube videos about how to kill scorpions, interrogate my program advisers about how they went about it, and generally bemoan the fact that, holy crap, there will be scorpions in my house.

After getting settled into my house, I was slightly embarrassed by my initial post. One, I totally misread the packet of information I was given and up until the moment my mentor deposited me at my house, I thought I’d be living in a small town. I’m actually living on a school campus in a village, but my school is in town about 5km away (which, I’m still not convinced that three alleys with half a dozen stores makes a town). And, two, I hadn’t seen any scorpions after three months, so I slowly began to think that perhaps I had taken the possibility of scorpions a little too seriously.

That was until last week, when we actually found a scorpion in the house.

First of all, when I had looked up YouTube videos on how to kill scorpions, the guy on there had a tiny baby scorpion in his sink, which he crushed with an electric toothbrush. So, my scorpion killing knowledge only pertained to scorpions the size of a bottle cap. Well, Malaysian scorpions (aptly known as Giant Forest Scorpions) are considerably bigger. Like, the size of my arm bigger. I know it doesn’t look that big in the picture above, but scorpions are hard to photograph, especially at night, and this was after one of its pincers was smashed off by my intrepid roommate.

Secondly, there was a scorpion in our house. After some screaming and cursing, the scorpion proceeded to walk into my room (the gall!) and strolled around while I sat on my bed freaking out and yelling to my roommate about its whereabouts. My roommate called her mentor in the meantime and we formulated a plan of attack that involved bludgeoning it to death with a frying pan as it crawled out of my room (all the credit goes to my roommate for killing the beast). And then we took photos, because that’s what my generation does.

At least now I know that scorpions are not deadly and are not that difficult to kill (and we now have a designated scorpion killing frying pan). The part that worries me is not knowing whether there is a scorpion waiting to inject my toes full of poison when I get out of bed in the morning. We doubled our efforts to scorpion proof the house, however, so I hope this will be our last encounter with one. If not, I guess we can make a YouTube video on how to kill large scorpions so that future ETAs are prepared.


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