I was really excited to go to Yogyakarta because I heard that it had great street art and some awesome cultural places. Well, the street art didn’t disappoint, but the rest of Yogya didn’t exactly live up to the hype. Maybe because the temperature there was an unwelcome return to the land of sweating as soon you walk out the door. Or maybe because it was hard to go to a dusty city after the peaceful countrysides of Bali. Or maybe it’s just because I was comparing it to Bali.





We went to go see Prambanan, a huge Hindu temple and UNESCO Heritage Site. Initially we were put off by the admission fee ($20 is a lot in SE Asia) and the sarongs that foreigners were forced to wear. After walking around for a bit, we came around and I thought it was a pretty cool place. I liked it a lot more than Borobudur, the more famous temple outside of Yogyakarta.



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