Over my March break, I headed to Indonesia for a week. I would say it was a much needed break, except I feel bad saying so, considering I was in Singapore a few weeks earlier and Cambodia a month ago. But, teaching is hard, and I was really excited about this vacation.

On the flight to Bali, I was struck by how lucky I am that this is my life right now. I’ve been to four countries in the past three months, and that’s pretty amazing. Being in Malaysia is kind of difficult at times (again, teaching is hard) but the traveling perks make up for it.

Anyway, I didn’t go in with any expectations and Bali kind of blew me away. I know, it’s touristy. But it’s touristy for a reason (hint: because it’s awesome). We stayed in Ubud, which was wonderful because the temperature was much cooler than in Malaysia, which is burning up right now. I also got my first full length massage there, so that might contribute to my warm and fuzzy feelings about Bali.


We were there while the whole island was gearing up for a holiday, so we saw a lot of people constructing these huge, decorated poles that lined the streets. The poles were all different, and made from bamboo, leaves and I don’t know what else, because I tried to inspect one and ended up knocking parts of it off.


One night, we went to see Kecak, a traditional Balinese dance and drama that recounts the story of Ramanya. The music in the drama was comprised of about 150 men chanting “cak” over and over again, and it sounded amazing.


Outside a lot of the temples, there were statues dressed in pieces of fabric. I’m not sure if that’s an everyday occurrence or just for the holiday, but either way, they were fairly jaunty.


We visited a lot of temples in Bali. My favorite was Ulun Danu, which is on a lake surrounded by mountains. There were colorful rowboats, a guy fishing and a couple getting their wedding pictures taken, and the setting was just incredibly peaceful.


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