Last week, my parents came to visit me and we headed down to Singapore for a quick visit. But this post isn’t really about Singapore (because I lost almost all of my pictures to a corrupted memory card and you can’t write a blog post without pictures, obviously).

No, this post is more about city life versus country living. Going to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore last week was my first time in a city after a month of my rural placement. And I found that I really missed the city- something that I never thought I’d say. And it’s not about having grocery stores and hot water and all that (though I do miss those things). Rather, I missed things that I didn’t really think about, like public transportation, seeing people from different countries, and street art.

Man, I missed street art. There was this awesome underpass in Singapore decorated with sea creatures and objects, but alas, my pictures of that now lives in the land of inaccessible memory cards.


Maybe I should just bring some street art to my village? I’m pretty sure I could find a way to sell that as an extracurricular activity for my students.


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