Phnom Penh

Since we had the week off for Chinese New Year, I decided to head to Cambodia. It was a last minute trip, which was slightly stressful for me (and I found out that I’m kind of a nervous traveler to begin with). We flew into Phnom Penh and spent a few days there. And since I find the prospect of going through every part of the trip more than a little daunting, I’ll just try to put up pictures of the things that stood out to me.


We saw a lot of temples and palaces and the like. I loved the architecture there; it was so unlike anything I’d seen before.


I saw these flower type things in a bunch of places. I like their sculptural look.


This is from Tuol Sleng, the site of S-21, a prison and torture center during the Cambodian genocide. I want to say more about this picture, and how it reminds me of Murambi, because it’s important and it deserves to be talked about, but I don’t have the eloquence to write about it, especially not on a blog.


From the killing fields of Choeung Ek.

There was an audio tour that walked you through the killing field. At the end of it, they played this beautiful song, Oh Phnom Penh.


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