Interior of a Malaysian House

Fun facts:

+ The song in the video is Interior of a Dutch House by Beirut, hence this post’s title.

+ Yes, that’s a sewing machine in the living room. I might have emphasized that I like arts and crafts a little too much, since my mentor soon gave me one of her sewing machines to borrow, despite my protestations that I can’t actually use one (at least, not without breaking all the needles).

+ I (hand) sewed a little cloth hook thing for the towel on the fridge. Just because I’m in the jungle doesn’t mean I’m not on Pinterest.

+ There are towels by the door so I can stuff them in at night, which hopefully prevents scorpions from getting in.

+ There is approximately two inches between the toilet and the door. I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea.

+ I used to be in the room with the mammoth drying rack. There’s a screen for bugs over the little circle/hole things in the wall, but the frame isn’t nailed down, rendering it useless. So I was covered in bugs when I was there (and not very happy about it).

P.S. I totally did not intend for the screenshot of the video to be the toilet. But I find it hilarious that it is.


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