Notable Notes

This past week has been pretty full, so I thought I’d do a recap:

+ Curry buns (pictured above) are one of my new favorite foods. I was going to say “my favorite food in Malaysia,” but I had some amazing noodles and chicken curry last night that might take first place.

+ We held a super hero themed English camp this Saturday for a local high school. The students came up with their own super heroes, and they were all fairly hilarious, but my absolute favorite was the shy group that came up with a superhero named Spicy Marvin Alice: The Mind Reader. If I start a band in Malaysia, you can be sure that will be the name.

+ We went to a reception at the Ambassador’s house on Friday. The most surreal part of the evening was definitely all the ETAs singing Wonderwall, while all these important people looked on, slightly puzzled.

+ I’ve been walking/standing a lot. And my feet hurt a lot. I have so much more sympathy now for people who have to be on their feet all day.

+ Someone on the street walked by me yesterday with a live snake around her neck, like it was a necklace. It definitely caught me off guard.

+ I went to see a play called Philadelphia, Here I Come, expecting it to be a hilarious look at a Malaysian adapting to life in Philadelphia. Nope, just a really sad story about leaving home.


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