First Day

Today was so much better than yesterday. In that, I had gotten more than 1 consecutive hour of sleep, did not feel terrible and drank some wonderful coffee. After breakfast, I went to the Islamic Arts Museum.


There were some interesting calligraphy and textile exhibits (along with jewelry and architecture and some other stuff). It also had a nice view of the city.


Afterwards, I got some bubble tea and went to an orchid garden. I think I’m too young to enjoy things like orchid gardens, because the entire time I was thinking, “Ok, here are some flowers… and some more flowers… and some slightly different looking flowers.”

Anyway, after that, I went to the Petronas Twin Towers, a landmark in Malaysia and a mall. Walking to the hotel after the mall required us to go in an underground tunnel, covered with ads. This was one of them:


I don’t know if it’s clear in the picture, but people wrote all over the ad. There were a few patriotic phrases, some “This person was here,” and one “Follow me on Twitter!”


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