It was in Uganda, two and a half years ago, that I realized that I really like crafts. I knew I liked crafts before then, and certainly did it all the time, but I figured that I could go a few months without doing anything crafty. But during the month where I did nothing but research (which left me quite some time to myself), I missed arts and crafts so much that I whittled this crochet hook out of a tree branch with a pocket knife and started crocheting ripped up plastic bags into a rug.

That’s when I knew that crafting would be something I’d probably do for the rest of my life. So this time, I’m making sure to take a few craft supplies with me. Not too many things, but enough so that some of my time will be occupied. I’m taking a real crochet hook too, and I’m especially looking forward crocheting a few rugs for my apartment in Malaysia. At least, I hope I’ll be in an apartment… I don’t know if I could take living where I work. But I guess I’ll find out soon enough, since I fly out tomorrow!


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