Malaysian Favorites

Before this year, I’d never thought too much about Malaysia. I knew nothing about the country, except its capital (a friend and I like to quiz each other on more obscure country capitals; Kuala Lumpur was a fun one to say, but not quite as fun as Ulaanbaatar).

I still have a lot more learning to do about the country’s history and culture, but I am learning more about Malaysian artists. So here are a few of my favorites that I’ve discovered this year. Hopefully, I’ll get to see some of their work in person next year!

Yuna: Wonderful music. Right now, she’s on tour in the US, but I hope she’ll play a show in Malaysia that I can go to.

Cheeming Boey: Artist who does a lot of cup drawings. His website also has a journal section that reminds me a lot of sites like xkcd or The Oatmeal.

Poor durian.

Chow Hon Lam: Amusing designs from a tee shirt designer and illustrator.

Hong Yi (Red): Amazing artist who makes portraits out of things like coffee stains, clothes, candles, basketballs, etc. She lives in China now, but maybe her work will still be shown in Malaysia?


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