I want my passport to look like this.

So I have this goal of visiting every country in the world. A bit far fetched perhaps, but I love countries and I love different cultures so I’ll try to meet that goal. I thought I was doing pretty well on this goal, you know, I’ve been out of the country several times, until I studied abroad. And a lot of people there were a lot more well traveled then me. And then I felt sad that I wasn’t well traveled.

As an aside, while Malaysia wasn’t at the top of the list of countries I wanted to go to, I thought it would be more feasible than becoming an English Teaching Assistant in another country (darn you Rwanda and South Africa for wanting qualified teachers!). Not that I don’t want to go to Malaysia, because come on, this is an amazing opportunity.

Anyway, a while ago, I realized that Malaysia is in a pretty strategic location for helping me meet my “visit every county” goal. If I had enough time and money, I could visit at least 12 countries when I’m there. That would double the number of countries I’ve been to!

Dang Malaysia, look at all those countries around you!

Yet, when I was counting the number of countries I’d want to go to, something felt wrong. I was bemoaning the fact that it took time to travel, because I could’ve visited a whole country in that time. I was trying to list the few spots in a country that would be essential to go to, and then move on to another country. And why? So I could show off the visas in my passport so I could pretend to be better than other people?

I don’t want that. Not only because it’s wrong to get my self worth from the amount of countries I’ve visited, but also because that’s just a really crappy way to visit countries. I don’t want to visit every country in the world to show off, but to experience and enjoy the culture. To learn and engage with the culture. So I probably won’t visit 12 countries while I’m in Malaysia, but that will be okay. I’ll just really enjoy the few countries I do get to visit.

I didn’t want to write this at first, because I don’t like people knowing my faults. But I feel a bit better about writing this because

1. No one knows about this blog, and

2. Once I do tell people about this blog, it’ll let them know to smack me if I do start to act this way again.


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