An Explanation

To start, naming a blog is hard. At least for me. I’d like it to be meaningful, slightly humorous and incredibly catchy. I’m not sure if No Mo’ FOMO fits those three qualifications, but I doubt that I’ll ever come up with the perfect blog name, so this will do.

FOMO is a term that I learned fairly recently. When I was studying abroad, a few of us were talking about things we would miss at home and someone said, “Oh yeah, FOMO. Fear of missing out.”

And I really liked that term. Because I am afraid of missing out. And in a sense, that’s a really good place to be in. It’s great to have family and friends and a home that you miss when you’re away. But, I also want to remind myself when I’m away, having this amazing opportunity to live in and travel around SE Asia, to stop being plagued by FOMO and enjoy this coming year.

P.S. I promise this blog won’t be all “Carpe Diem!” all the time. Forgive me for being an idealistic young’un.


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